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Why Barter?
Save your cash.

 What do you have to trade?
Cars, boats, motorcycles?
Any product or service.
We have thousands of people that want to trade with you.

The Barter Store has a Current Total of
 $26,182,415.17 in Items for Sale.
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                              It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
                              1. Open your account.  ( No cost to join limited offer.)
                              2. List something to sell. Receive Barter Bucks..
                              3. Go shopping.

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There are almost limitless things that can be bartered.
 Let us get you started on the oldest and newest
way to pay for all the things you want and need.

Buy just about anything with your barter dollars:

Accounting, Advertising, Business Cards, Carpets, Cleaning, Dentistry, Design, Flowers, Legal Services,
Museums, Painting, Plumbing, Print, Restaurants, Websites and Much, Much More!

How many of these things are you now paying cash for?

Learn how to
"Print Money Leg



Important Guidelines
  1. Always introduce yourself as a trade buyer upfront before asking for a quote and confirm with the seller that they are taking payment in trade.
  2. Sales tax, shipping & tips are always paid in cash by the buyer.
  3. Transactions must be 100% trade.
    We do not allow part cash on any transaction without written approval from Barter Bucks Banc.
  4. You can not charge a higher price for a trade transaction. The cash price & trade price must be the same.
  5. Member agrees to notify Barter Bucks Banc in writing 15 days prior to going on standby (temporarily stop selling). Barter Bucks Banc needs time to remove ads and to notify members. You can terminate your account with 7 days written notice.
  6. If you call someone that is not taking trade please notify Barter Bucks Banc so they can be removed from the directory.



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